What Factors Are Important for App Store Optimization?

In this post, we will discuss what is ASO and What Factors Are Important for App Store Optimization

What Is App Store Optimization(ASO)?

App store optimization is the process of optimizing mobile apps so that they appear higher in search results on an app store.

This increases your app’s visibility by ranking higher on search results.

Why Is ASO Important?

The Apple App Store and Google Play Store each have over 5 million apps available for download. Your app is very likely to face a lot of stiff competition.

If you want your app to score more downloads and loyal users then you need your app to be highly discoverable. That is why ASO is important.

What Is The Difference Between ASO and SEO?

If you are thinking that App Store Optimization is similar to Search Engine Optimization then you are not wrong.

The primary distinction between App Store Optimization and Search Engine Optimization are the ranking factors.

SEO factors for a web browser, such as Google Search, include over 200 factors, and the list is constantly growing. The list of ASO ranking factors is much shorter than SEO.

How To Do proper App Store Optimization?

While doing proper ASO some very important factors should be kept in mind.

Factors to be kept in mind:

  • App Name
  • Keywords
  • Description
  • Subtitle
  • Ratings And Reviews
  • Total Number Of Downloads
  • Proper Screenshots And Videos
  • Proper Icon

App Name

Choosing a a good application name is very critical for ASO.

If you don’t have a proper application name then your app suffers from poor ASO.

Always try using a title that is enticing and effective rather than something extremely flashy and absurd. Because The name wins the game.


If you want your app to be effective and visible then using relatable keywords is very important.

People often use keywords to search for applications on IOS and Android.

For example: when searching for a racing game, people generally use the keyword ‘racing game’ to look for racing games. That is why using the keyword in the app title, subtitle and description can really boost your app’s ASO.

Lets take another example: when people look for a music app they generally use the keyword ‘music’ to look for music apps.

That is why keywords are so important for ASO.


App description is a really important component for ASO than you think it to be.

The description is an important space to give an i sight about what your app is all about.

Instead of cramming the app name and subtitle with keywords, use the description. This will increase the app visibility as the keywords prove to be resourceful GPS.

But also keep in mind that you do not over-saturate the description with too many keywords as it annoys users.


Adding a subtitle is really important for your application.

The subtitle helps you give a very brief yet precise description about your app.

This proves useful to an user as he/she can understand what kind of app it is without reading the description.

Adding a subtitle also helps lessen the pressure and over-cramming of words in the title. This helps you give an app name that is short and sweet while not compromising on the exposition.

Ratings and Reviews

If any app has good ratings and excellent customer reviews than the app’s visibility soars through the air.

Apps with good reviews and great ratings always rank higher. And people generally choose from the few apps which come at top.

Good ratings and reviews can be churned by providing a good user experience to the user.

If your app can provide great ux than the reviews will be great.

This might not feel to important but it is without any doubt.

Total Number Of Downloads

Any app which has a higher rate of download will rank higher in the results page. This increases that app’s visibility and it boosts the ASO.

A higher number of downloads can come from a good word of mouth. In this modern timescape word of mouth is still a very reliable agent for spreading information.

A good word of mouth can be achieved by providing a good ux.

Proper Screenshots and Videos

People always don’t go to the description of an app to learn about it. Most of the information comes from images and videos accompanying the app.

That is why using proper images and videos to describe your app is crucial.

If an app does not provide a good amount of info people tend to ignore it. This hurts the ASO in a very bad way.

Proper Icon

Last but not the the least adding a proper icon is important for the ASO of an app.

If an icon is used which is not relevant to your app then it will not get recommended. This will push the ASO down.

Using A good icon is therefore critical for your app’s success

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