What are the benefits of having a dynamic website?

Previously we talked about the advantages of having a static website for your desired purpose. But there is another type of website for your needs. And it is called a dynamic website. So in this blog, we will discuss the benefits of having a dynamic website.

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What are the benefits of having a dynamic website?

What is a dynamic website?


Dynamic websites are developed using advanced server technologies (such as PHP, javascript, or ASP) to build these web pages. 

 Dynamic websites are usually interactive and may change over time, geography, or users. 

These sites can connect to a large database, allowing you to extract information when you need it

How does a Dynamic Website work?

The dynamic website displays content in real-time. So when the user wants to display content, JavaScript will verify the requested content on the server. 

 This is done by checking the URL or replying directly to the user. With JavaScript, the request goes to the server to get the relevant data. 

 Run a PHP script to verify the data on the server. The script passes through SQL and uses information from JavaScript and PHP to create SQL commands. 

 This SQL command helps to get data from the database because the database cannot understand direct encoding or any scripts. Now the data enters into the PHP script. 

 The data will convert to JavaScript to understand the output. This conversion is done with the help of PHP scripts. JavaScript does not read SQL data, here JavaScript Object Notation is a lifesaver. JavaScript and PHP Script understand JSON. 

 After receiving the JSON data from PHP, display the data on the website for the user. Here, PHP acts as a bridge between SQL and JavaScript. The data displayed on the screen can be manipulated with HTML and CSS. This makes the data more expressive and dynamic for users. 

 In addition, when users want to change or delete content, they follow the same process and save all the detailed information in the database.

What are the benefits of having a Dynamic website:

  • Adding content is much easier
  • Side wide design changes are easy
  • Your pages will be simpler to manage
  • Helps build a more interactive webpage
  • Has a professional look to it

Adding content is much easier

A dynamic website has a content database, also known as a CMS. This can be easily updated; Unlike static sites, each page on a static site is a separate entity. 

For a great website, you usually just click “New Post”, fill out the template, and click Publish. The layout will process automatically to create a sleek and professional look. 

 You can also change other parts of the site to display recent blog posts. There is no need to add new posts to these sections

Side wide design changes are easy

On a static site, you must navigate and change each page. It’s not cool. With a dynamic website, you can easily change the layout of the entire site with one click. 

 Many dynamic websites are run through easy-to-use platforms like WordPress, which offer different themes. Choosing a new theme is an easy way to instantly update your website without any hassle.

Your pages will be simpler to manage

Organizing all content in a database makes it easier to manage and edit. 

 For example, suppose you publish multiple blog posts in the shopping category and then decide that you no longer need these posts. On dynamic websites, you can simply search and filter by a category, and then delete pages all at once. 

 On a static site, this will be a longer process.

Helps build a more interactive webpage

Providing an interactive experience increases the chance of visitors staying on your website.

The dynamic site allows you to personalize the user experience. It does this through features such as recently viewed articles and pages, personalized product recommendations, and placements. 

 Your visitors are all different. Your experience on the website should reflect this.

Has a professional look to it

Static sites tend to stand out a mile away. 

 They often look unprofessional and clumsy. They also lack many of the interactive features that users expect from modern websites. 

 Invest in a dynamic website to show customers that you are serious about your business.

So there you have it. The benefits of having a dynamic website. hope you find it helpful.

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