What are The Advantages of App Store Optimization?

In this blog we will be discussing what are the advantages of App Store Optimization.

What are The Advantages of App Store Optimization?

What is App Store Optimization?

App store optimization is the process of optimizing mobile apps so that they appear higher in search results on an app store.

Why is ASO important?

The Apple App Store and Google Play Store each have over 5 million apps available for download. Your app is very likely to face a lot of stiff competition.

If you want your app to score more downloads and loyal users then you need your app to be highly discoverable. That is why ASO is important.

The Advantages Of App Store Optimization

  • Improve Visibility
  • Always Get Discovered By Relevant Users
  • Increases Organic App Downloads
  • Increase App Revenue
  • Reach Global Audience
  • User Acquisition Cost

Improve Visibility

What are The Advantages of App Store Optimization?
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If you want your app to have higher visibility on the search list of an app store then ASO is your key.

Giving proper care to the ASO factors like keywords, proper app name, good user experience is highly important.

When your app is optimised with these factors in mind would the visibility skyrocket.

Always Get Discovered By Relevant Users

What are The Advantages of App Store Optimization?

There’s no point in having your app seen by users who aren’t searching for it, which is where ASO comes in.

If you use relevant keywords in your app’s title, subtitle and description then your app will found by more relevant users

For Example if a person is looking for a music app then they will generally use the keyword ‘MUSIC APP’. So if your app has the desired keywords it will reach more relevant users instead of irrelevant searches.

Increase Organic App Downloads

What are The Advantages of App Store Optimization?

Ranking in app stores does not guarantee an increase in installs, but when combined with an efficient ASO strategy, you can expect to see more downloads

Writing enticing descriptions, titles, and sharing eye-catching screenshots are all part of the ASO process. And they can all help your app stand out and get clicks from searchers.

Increase App Revenue

The majority of apps are designed to generate revenue or drive conversions in some way. Many free apps use user-friendly ads—or, at least, as user-friendly as they can be. Most users dislike interruptions, so increasing your revenue by implementing in-app ads that do not disrupt users makes sense.

You can use reward ads, which give users a “reward” in your app for watching an advertisement. There are also interactive ads, which can be mini-games that entertain users. Alternatively, you can use advertisements to entice users to upgrade to more premium levels of your app.

Reach Global Audience

If your app gains great visibility than you can reach the global audience with ease.

This will increase the amount of organic downloads which will then help your app grow and gain more users.

User Acquisition Costs

One of the best aspects of ASO is that with a smart plan, your organic downloads will increase while costing you nothing!

Once you’ve optimized your app, it will begin to rank higher in various search results. This will increase your visibility and organic downloads while keeping your acquisition costs low.

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