Top 10 essential Shortcuts for Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop has become the most commonly used designer tool in various industries. With its huge plethora of tools using photoshop has become the number one go-to software for every designer. But some people are really afraid to use this software due to its complex nature. So here is me telling you the Top 10 essential Shortcuts for Photoshop.

Top 10 essential Shortcuts for Photoshop

How can these shortcuts help?

SHortcuts are really helpful in simplifying any work. So when you use shortcuts your productivity increases.

Adobe photoshop Has too many nifty and handy features that can be really helpful. That is why remembering these shortcuts can make it easy for you to design stuff much more easily.

Top 10 essential Shortcuts for Photoshop 

  • The Tab Key
  • Shift and Tab
  •  The Square Brackets
  • Cmd + or – or 0 (Mac) / Ctrl + or – 0 (PC)
  • Spacebar
  • F key
  • D key
  • Ctrl Alt click and drag (Mac) or Alt Right Click and drag (PC)
  •  X key
  • Shift and the Square Brackets

The Tab Key

The tab key shows and hides all of your panels and toolbars. This is not necessarily essential, but it is useful knowledge.

For instance, if you press on the Tab key accidentally and all your pannels and toolbars disappear, you will not panic as you know what caused that.

Shift And Tab

This shortcut will help you close all the panels exclusively. This will just keep your toolbars on.

If you lack the art of panel management and all your panels are all over the place, this shortcut can help you work peacefully.

And there is no need to worry. This combination can also bring back your panels. So it is a win-win situation.

The Square brackets

Left [ = smaller brush
Right ] = larger brush

This shortcut can help you to make your brush tool larger or smaller. So you don’t have to go to the toolbar every time you need to change the brush size. You can do it with a simple combo of brackets.

Cmd + or – or 0 (Mac) / Ctrl + or – 0 (PC)

These are your shortcuts to zoom in, zoom out, and adjust the screen for Mac or PC.

So now you can go ahead and stop using ALT + MOUSE and simply use the shortcut.


Holding down the space bar allows you to switch whatever tool you are in, except the text tool, to the hand tool so that you can move around your document.

F key

The F button changes the screen mode so you can switch between standard screen, full screen, and full screen without menus or control panels.

D key

The D key changes the foreground and background colors to the default pure white and pure black, this is very useful when you are working in layer masks and you need pure white or black.

 Ctrl Alt click and drag (Mac) or Alt Right Click and drag (PC)

This sounds confusing, but once again its a really useful shortcut for making your brush bigger or smaller as you drag left and right, or softer and louder as you drag up and down. down.

You should now see a red preview of the brush hardness and size, but if you dont, dont worry, it will still work (it has to do with your computers graphics card, whether you can see it or not).

X Key

Now when you are working on a layer mask you obviously want to toggle between black and white very quickly so that you can show or hide the layer.

What X does now is that it combines the foreground and background colors, which really speeds up the work and the removal and display of masks.

Shift And Square Brackets

Simply hold down the Shift key and hold the left or right bracket to make the brush softer or harder.

So there you have it. A list of the top 10 essential Shortcuts for Photoshop.

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