New technology trends to keep a lookout for in 2021

Since the covid 19 pandemic hit us, there has been a faster rate of advancement in existing technologies. And this has also created room for newer technological advancements. So in this blog, we will list down the New technology trends to keep a lookout for in 2021.

New technology trends to keep a lookout for in 2021

Why is this important to lookout about new technology trends in 2021?

Having an adept knowledge regarding what’s hot and what’s not is important. This keeps you up to date with the latest types and forms of technologies. 

What are the new technology trends to keep a lookout for in 2021:

  • Artificial intelligence(AI)
  • 5G and enhanced connectivity
  • Quantum Computing
  • Internet of Behaviours(Iob)
  • Blockchain
  • Cyber security
  • Augmented reality and virtual reality

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence has caused a sensation in the past decade. Nevertheless, it is still one of the major emerging technology developments, because its significant impact on the way we live, work and play is still in its infancy. 

 AI is now known for its presence in image and voice recognition, carpooling applications, mobile personal assistants, navigation applications, and various other applications. 

 In addition to this, artificial intelligence must investigate interactions to discover previously undetected connections and evaluate facility needs in real-time to allocate resources and identify dynamic patterns among consumers. 

 Machine learning is a subset of AI and is widely used in various industries, which boosts the growth of the skilled worker market.

5g and enhanced connectivity

A faster and more stable Internet means more than just loading web pages faster and spending less time waiting for YouTube videos to load. Starting with 3G, every advancement in mobile connectivity has opened up new Internet use cases. 

 With the expansion of bandwidth, 3G supports online access and data-driven services on mobile devices; 4G enables more audio-visual transmission platforms; similarly, 5G will expand the possible range. 

 5G refers to networks that use cutting-edge technologies, including augmented reality and virtual reality. 

They also threatened to make cable and fiber networks obsolete by requiring us to be tied to a specific location.

 In short, 5G and other advanced high-speed networks allow access to all the other trends we discussed anytime, anywhere. 

Quantum computing

Quantum computing is a form of computation that uses the power of quantum phenomena like superposition and quantum entanglement, and it’s the next noteworthy technology trend. 

 Because you can immediately question, trace, interpret, and process data regardless of its source, this incredible technology trend also includes preventing the spread of coronavirus and developing potential vaccines. 

 Quantum computing is being used in banking and finance to monitor credit risk, conduct high-frequency transactions, and detect fraud. Quantum computers are now several times faster when compared with traditional computers, including computers from well-known companies.

Internet of behaviours ( IoB)

The Internet of Things (IoT) focuses on using data and knowledge to influence behavior. IoT devices are used as massive databases for the Internet of Behavioral (IoB) paradigm. 4,444 companies will be able to track customer behavior and use IoB with the help of IoB to benefit their respective channels.

 This information is used to encourage further behavior improvement, such as creating a personalized health plan.


Blockchain is another recent general technology trend. Many people think that blockchain is all about cryptocurrencies, which is not the case. 

 Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are just one part of general blockchain technology. Besides cryptocurrency, it also uses various other fields, such as healthcare, supply chain and logistics, and advertising. 

 It is a decentralized digital ledger that tracks any transaction through a global computer network. 

 Several companies are looking for blockchain platforms to develop advanced business strategies and promote the blockchain technology market.

The degree of protection and transparency of the blockchain is the main explanation for its dramatic increase in popularity.


Network security does not appear to be cutting-edge technology, but it is developing at the same speed as other technologies. This is due in part to the constant emergence of new threats. 

 Malicious hackers trying to gain unauthorized access to data will not give up anytime soon, they will continue to find ways to bypass even the strictest protection measures. Part of the reason is the use of modern technology to improve defenses. 

 As long as we have hackers, network security will prevent them.

To know more about the new ways to protect yourself against cyber threats check out the blog from the link given below

Augmented and virtual reality

Augmented reality and virtual reality are two popular technology trends. And they continue to grow.

 In terms of these two technologies, virtual reality (VR) involves the use of computer technology to create the real environment of the physical world

While augmented reality (AR) involves the use of computer-generated elements to enhance the environment. 

So there you go. A complete list of the  New technology trends to keep a lookout for in 2021

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