How can VoIPs be advantageous for your Business?

VoIPs are fast taking over traditional phone systems. And as many businesses are going online VoIP is becoming a much more viable option. So in this blog let’s discuss How can VoIPs be advantageous for your Business.

How can VoIPs be advantageous for your Business?

What is VoIP?

Voice over Internet Protocol, is a method that can transmit voice communications and multimedia sessions over an Internet Protocol network (such as the Internet).

How can VoIPs be advantageous for your business?

  • Very low costs
  • Conferencing is easy
  • Worldwide accessibility
  • Better use of bandwidth
  • Network is flexible
  • It is highly reliable
  • Maintenance is very easy

Very low costs

Cost effectiveness is one of the benefits of VoIP, which can be appreciated by almost any enterprise. 

You can only install a limited number of phone lines, and the cost will increase rapidly, especially when your business makes long-distance calls on a regular basis. 

With Communication data turned into data packets and sent through the IP network, eliminating the problem that one telephone line can only be used by two callers. 

The IP network can be a direct IP connection with your telephone service provider, or your existing Internet connection (or a combination of the two). 

Traditional lines are usually charged per minute . With VoIP, your only charge is your ISP’s monthly charge.

Conferencing is easy

There is no need for a dedicated phone line, and meetings are simple. The traditional phone system allows meetings, but you will most likely have to pay additional service charges and receive multiple calls.

Worldwide accessibility

More and more employers are discovering the benefits of allowing employees to work from home in exchange for smaller office space and lower utility costs. 

 They also discovered the benefits of VoIP, which enable their employees to work remotely so effectively. VoIP allows employees to use voice, fax, and data services remotely from the office via an intranet. 

VoIP technology has become extremely portable, allowing users to connect from their domestic and international offices. More importantly, when they switch, your employee ID will follow you to your new home office.

Better use of bandwidth

One of the lesser-known benefits of VoIP is that you can use your existing bandwidth more efficiently. 

Since about half of voice conversations are silent VoIP will continue to fill these information gaps with other data from other bandwidth consumers to make better use of its resources.

 More importantly, VoIP enables compression and elimination of voice redundancy to further improve efficiency.

Network is flexible 

One of the benefits of VoIP that your IT team will enjoy is that your underlying network does not need to be part of a specific technical design. This means that your Ethernet, SONET, ATM, and even your existing WiFi can be used as the basis of your network.

 The complexity of the  PSTN (traditional) telephone network has actually been eliminated. This enables the implementation of a more standardized system that supports multiple communication types, while at the same time being more fault-tolerant and requiring less device management.

It is highly reliable

One of the most common (and inaccurate) objections to VoIP is that if a company finds out that it has no Internet for any reason, it will also have no phone.

 One of the benefits of VoIP is that if the office phone is faces network interruption, the call transfers to other devices. This also means that weather problems and power outages are no longer as risky as before.

Maintenance is very easy

The IP phones are very easy to install, even for those with less technical knowledge. There is no need to let professional and technical personnel carry out telephone wiring throughout the office. In contrast, IP phones are actually compatible.

The Hosted VoIP software also makes it extremely easy to add new users, and the web portal makes it easier to move, add or change the system configuration. All this simply means that maintenance is simple and rarely requires professional support.

So there you have it. A comprehensive guide on How can VoIPs be advantageous for your Business.

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