Cyber threats have had increased activity in recent years. Hence, knowing about all the possible cybersecurity measures is important. So in this blog, we will discuss 10 measures to ensure proper cybersecurity.

What is Cyber Security?


Let’s have a clear idea of what cybersecurity exactly is.

Cybersecurity is the protection of IoTs( Internet of Things), computers, and online storage facilities from viruses and malware that can disclose information and can disrupt the device as well.

What are the common types of cyber threats?

  • Malware
  • Denial of Service
  • Man-of-Middle
  • SQL Injection
  • Phishing
  • Password attacks
  • Emotet

For more knowledge on these cyber threats please check our blog on it. Here is the link http://blog.tecions.co.in/what-are-the-various-types-of-cyberthreats/

10 measures to ensure proper cybersecurity

  • Keeping the software updated is critical
  • Using antivirus and firewalls is important
  • Always use a strong passwords
  • Change your passwords often is necessary
  • Use two factor authentication
  • Learn more about possible cyber threats
  • Use mobile devices more securely
  • Back your data up
  • Ensure a healthy and secure device usage
  • Know what to do if you are a victim

Keeping your software up to date


Always try to keep your apps and system software up to date. If your apps are not properly updated or are too old, attackers can exploit this to their advantage.  Whenever an update is pushed to an app or software it is done solely to fix any bugs or loopholes in their framework. That is why if you do not update regularly, then cyber attackers can exploit these loopholes to get your information or compromise your device.

Using antivirus and firewalls is important


Using an antivirus can help to fight against viruses pushed by cyber attackers against your system. 

Firewalls can also help in setting up protections against harmful substances pushed by cyber attackers. Using a combination of antiviruses and firewalls can really help keep away cyber attackers.

Use strong password combinations

Using weak or predictable passwords can compromise your device or your files in the worst way possible. It’s like locking a house but keeping your key right beside the lock. Try to use harder password combinations which are really uncommon. 

If you can’t remember passwords well enough then try using a password management tool. This too will be responsible for managing all your passwords and storing them for your convenience. 

Change your passwords quite often

Changing passwords is also important. Keeping an age-old password can really make your security vulnerable. And if you keep that very password for almost everything then basically everything you have secured will be compromised.

Changing passwords is really important. And keeping different passwords for different things is necessary.  Using a password manager is again beneficial as it will remember all your passwords.

Use two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication might be a really effective new measure. This measure allows you to set up another layer of security layer to your primary security system. This allows you to provide better protection to your system or your files.

For more information check this website  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Multi-factor_authentication

Learn more about possible cyber threats

Keeping a sound knowledge about various cyber threats is really important. This helps you avoid mistakes that might compromise your security. To learn about the different types of cyber threats check our blog in the link given below http://blog.tecions.co.in/what-are-the-various-types-of-cyberthreats/

Use mobile devices more securely

When it comes to mobile devices, ensure better security features for better protection. Use strong phone passwords, ensure that apps are downloaded from safe places, and never login in public wi-fi s without a VPN.

Back your data up

Always keeping your data backed up is a good and healthy practice. A device or system can get compromised. That is why you should keep your data stored on reliable cloud services like Google Drive, iCloud, Yandex disk, and many more.

Ensure a healthy and secure device usage

Try to always use your device properly and securely. Try avoiding doing things that can harm your device or system. Like going to harmful websites or installing apps from unreliable sources or storing data in unreliable cloud services.

Always ensure a healthy practice while using mobile or any other device. Try to use a VPN more often for secure web browsing.

Know what to do if you are a victim


Always have the knowledge to do what needs to be done if you stand as a victim of cyberattacks. With all the above-mentioned security measures one can still be vulnerable to these attacks. So always keep your knowledge up to date. Because they can steal your data, not your knowledge.

So that’s all folks. A list of  10 MEASURES TO ENSURE PROPER CYBERSECURITY. Hope you find it helpful.

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